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Put one of the most successful community revitalization strategies in the nation to work for your commercial district by joining the National Main Street Network®. Learn what really works in commercial district revitalization by sharing the experiences and successes of individuals and organizations working to preserve and breathe new life into their downtowns and neighborhood business districts. Through our publications, website, webinars, listserves and database, our members find new resources, solutions, and connections everyday.

A new tiered membership structure went into effect in January 2014. The categories are: Designated Main Street Member, Standard Member, and Allied Member. Existing members will be rolled into these categories when their current membership expires. In 2014 and beyond, we will be unveiling new exciting member benefits and more opportunities for individuals and supporters of Main Street to get involved, so stay tuned!

We have assembled an impressive array of Designated, Standard, and Allied member benefits.  Once you begin your membership, you'll wonder how you got along with out it.

Designated Main Street Network

Our Designated Main Street Community Membership is required for all programs and communities that have been designated by their Coordinating Program.

$350 per year.

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Standard Member

Our Standard Network Membership is open to any organization involved or interested in revitalizing a traditional downtown or neighborhood commercial district.

$250 per year.

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Allied Member

Our Allied Network Membership provides consultants, manufacturers, companies, and others the opportunity to tap into our customer base. Companies in our Allied Network receive discounted rates for exhibiting at the National Main Streets Conference as well as other benefits. 

$495 per year.

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*Please note, joining either of the Main Street Network memberships does not entitle an organization or entity to use the term Main Street in their name. For further information, see our Name Use Policy.

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