Main Street News - October 2008

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Main Street News Cover – 2008/10

Feature Article:

Leveraging Public Relations to Promote Your Main Street

by Malcolm Johnstone

Your organization spends so much of its time working on noteworthy projects--but how much of your time do you spend telling people about your accomplishments? This article looks at some of the details behind a strong pubic relations effort. Learn what goes into a print and online media kit, create a public relations budget, make a strong media pitch, write a great press release, and use communications as a tool to handle damage control.

Constructing a New Streetscape for Your District

by Donna Dow, CMSM

Another installment of Donna Dow's streetscape improvement series, this article looks at the phase when the construction crew rolls into town. After you have secured funding, hired consultants, designed the project, and planned for construction, you are ready to break ground. Learn who in your municipality needs to be involved during this phase and what your construction management company's responsibilities should include. Donna also shares the value behind holding weekly meetings with various people involved in the project and some of her (humorous) lessons learned throughout the process.

Profitable Solutions: Biggest Mistakes a Small Business Makes

by Tom Shay

This debut of our newest column looks at the fatal mistakes that a business owner can claim as his or her own. A retailer's biggest problem probably isn't when a new competitor opens the doors; it can actually be poor cash flow management, not keeping up with technology, not advertising properly, and several other avoidable pitfalls. Glean some business management skills to pass along to your local business owners.