Main Street News July 2009

July 2009 / Volume 262Main Street News Cover - 2009/07

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Indie Power: Buy Local & Buy Independent Campaigns
by Jeff Milchen
Campaigns that educate the public about supporting local businesses can be an effective promotional tool to get customers thinking about how their spending choices affect the local economy and keep their local business owners on Main Street. This article looks at the many benefits of buy local campaigns and steers you in the right direction for ways to get started.


Profitable Solutions: What You Learn When You Ask Questions
by Tom Shay
In this month's column, author Tom Shay explains how business owners can improve their operations and meet their customers' needs just by asking the right questions and listening to the answers.


Network Notes: Christmas in July Special
by Andrea L. Dono
Christmas is one of the best, if not the best, time of the year for creatings festive spirit on Main Street that helps facilitate people's bonds with the heart of your community as well as producing exciting retail events that help ring the cash registers. This year we have additional Network Notes available only online as a supplement to our print issue of Main Street News.