May-June 2012 Index Page

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Director's Column
By Doug Loescher
The idea that your organization has to constantly grow to be successful is just not true. Find out how "networked nonprofits" are increasingly successful.

Festivals That Say CHA-CHING!Measuring the Economic Impact of Festivals
By Rachael D. Carter and Jeannie W. Zieren
Economic impact studies of local festivals are critical to the bottom lines of many Main Street programs and local businesses. See what two Mississippi Main Street communities learned from analyzing their key festivals and how they put the findings to use.

The Arkansas DeltaMade Program
By Andrea L. Dono
See how a regional branding initiative, Arkansas DeltaMade, has uncovered hidden entrepreneurial assets and fostered the creation of new businesses built around the distinctive character of the Arkansas Delta.

Real Estate Today: Main Street Organizations Community Banks—Natural Allies
By Andrew Farrell, NTCIC
Why should Main Street programs be concerned with community banks? Because they’re natural allies. Only 21 percent of the banking community, community banks made 58 percent of small business loans in 2011.

From The Front Line: Opportunity at Your Doorstep
By Kristi Trevarrow
Main Street managers research, identify, and visit business prospects all the time. But what happens when they knock on your door? How do you handle these drop-in visits? Be prepared to ask the right questions so you don’t lose a potentially great business.

Network Notes
By Andrea L. Dono
What are the three statistics every downtown should live by? Congratulate more than a dozen Main Street communities that have made “best of” lists in the past few months. See how Port Townsend, Washington, is keeping its downtown open during streetscape construction and how Rochester, Michigan, is showcasing its past during its streetscape improvement project. And there’s good news from the Federal Highway Administration, which released a report on its four-year effort to create more walkable cities.

Cash Mobs
By Andrea L. Dono
First there were “flash mobs.” Now there are cash mobs, the shop-local equivalent. Find out why they are perfect for Main Street businesses, how to organize them, and how to keep them fun!