Current Grantees

If your project is nearing completion, please remember that you need to submit a final report.  If you applied for a grant in October, 2012 or later, all final reports must be submitted electronically using the same system you used to apply for the grant.  You can get to that site by clicking here.  Please note that this login information is not the same as your Preservation Nation login information.  If you have trouble accessing your account, please contact the grants office at 202-588-6277 or

If you applied before October, 2012 and would like to fill out your final report form online, please contact the Grants team, and we can provide you with access to that form.  If you applied before the October 2012 deadline and would prefer to fill out an offline version of the final report form, we can provide you with the necessary materiales as well. 

Do you have a success story about your grant?  Please let us know!

We are always eager to hear about how a grant from the National Trust has helped your project beyond the initial monetary contribution.  If you would like to share your story, please feel free to email us at

Overview of the Grant Process

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FAQs for current grantees

Final Report Guidelines