National Trust Preservation Funds: Final Report Guidelines

Submission of a final report form is a condition of the grant award and is required to complete the contract between the National Trust and the grant recipient. The report allows the National Trust to determine if the project goals were achieved and, ultimately, to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the National Trust Preservation Funds (NTPF). If you were you awarded your grant any time after October 2012, your final report must be submitted online.  Click here, log in using the same information you used when you applied for the grant, and fill out the assigned follow up form.  If you applied before the October 2012 deadline and would prefer to fill out an offline version of the final report form, we can provide you with the necessary materiales as well. 


Provide a detailed description of the project results: the role of the National Trust funds, the name(s) of the consultant(s) involved, the documents produced, and the impact of the project.  For workshops and conferences, give an evaluation of the event and state actual number of attendees.


Provide a detailed list of matching funds for the project being funded by the NTPF grant.  Grants from the National Trust Preservation Funds must be matched on at least a 1:1 cash basis.  In-kind donations (volunteer labor, donated materials, etc.) may not be applied to the required match.

National Trust Preservation Funds grant funds that are not matched or in excess of one-half of the total project cost must be returned to the National Trust.


Provide a detailed list of project related expenses.  Attach proof of payments such as copies of paid invoices and/or canceled checks.  If the total project cost does not match the estimated cost stated on the grant application, explain the difference.  If the project expenses are less than the project income, a portion of the National Trust’s funds will need to be returned to the National Trust, as detailed in the grant agreement.  Please contact your Regional Office for more information.

With the exception of publication projects, the cost of materials and services (such as printing, photographs, telephone and supplies) may not exceed 10% of the budget of the grant-funded portion of the project.  In other words, if you have received a $2,700 NTPF grant, the total costs for services and materials reported on this form may not be higher than $270.


Provide a copy of any products resulting from the project.  Please include relevant photographs and/or photo CDs, reports prepared by consultants, architectural or design plans, conference/workshop literature, educational materials, teaching manuals, curriculum plans, audio-visual materials, press clippings and any other printed or graphic material, including funder acknowledgement required by the grant agreement.  


The final report must be certified by an authorized representative of the described project and its sponsoring organization.

Within one month of the project end date and no later than one year following the date of the grant disbursement, the final report and attachments must be submitted to the National Trust.