The Land Trust for Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

Award Type: Honor Award

Created in 1999 to help ensure that Tennessee’s richly historic landscapes are not devoured by development, The Land Trust for Tennessee has become a leading force for preservation across the Volunteer State.

In a single decade, The Land Trust has used easements and outright acquisition to protect over 52,000 acres, much of it richly dotted with historically significant sites. The organization works with families and communities to protect farms and forests, scenic and historic landscapes, river valleys and corridors often with considerable archeological assets. A farm once owned by Andrew Jackson, an idyllic 19th-century village beside the Natchez Trace, a portion of the 1864 Franklin battlefield – these and many other treasures have been saved for the education and enjoyment of future generations.

Supported by a variety of sources, and working in partnership with local preservation groups, educational institutions and government agencies, The Land Trust has developed programs that benefit not only prosperous landowners but also schoolteachers, college students and working farmers.  

“It is amazing what can happen when the historic preservation and the land conservation movements work collaboratively,” said Stephanie Meeks, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  “Tennesseeans know their state is a unique and special place – and The Land Trust for Tennessee is making sure it stays that way.”

“This is a very special recognition for our whole organization,” said Jean Nelson, president of The Land Trust for Tennessee. “Our founders—especially now Governor Phil Bredesen—were determined that protection of our historic landscapes and sites be clearly in our mission. That intentionality has produced results for communities all over Tennessee. We look forward to doing even more and we thank our colleagues at The National Trust for their appreciation of how these two great movements of historic preservation and of land conservation can work together to keep the character of our country.”