Acworth Meetinghouse

Acworth, New Hampshire

Award Type: Honor Award

After discovering that the steeple of the 1821 Acworth Meetinghouse was in imminent danger of collapse, the residents of Acworth, New Hampshire, jumped into action. The Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project resulted in a million-dollar, full-building restoration in a rural community of only 900 people.

For 190 years, the beautiful Acworth Meetinghouse was the heart and soul of Acworth, New Hampshire. But its position in the community was threatened when residents of this town of 900 learned that the steeple needed $1 million in repairs to prevent its collapse. This prompted a full community effort that involved training and hiring local craftspeople to do the complex restoration work—cutting labor costs by half—and financial contributions from almost everyone in town. The Acworth Meetinghouse Restoration Project succeeded in restoring the steeple in just five years, while also upgrading the electrical system and the kitchen. The project leaders’ determination combined with widespread community support ensures the 1821 meetinghouse’s place in the lives of residents for generations to come.