Rockhill Creamery

Richmond, Utah

Award Type: Honor Award

Rockhill Creamery, a micro-dairy and artisanal cheese operation, is bringing Utah’s rich agricultural heritage to life. Owners Pete Shropp and Jennifer Hines have painstakingly restored and re-purposed seven historic structures on their property, and Rockhill Creamery has become a community centerpiece in the Cache Valley. 

What is now known as Rockhill Creamery began as the Burnham Farmstead in 1895 in Utah’s rocky Cache Valley. It functioned as a family farming operation until it was sold to Pete Schropp and Jennifer Hines in 1986. The new owners saw an opportunity to open a micro-dairy and artisanal cheese operation on the premises, and over the next 20 years, rehabilitated seven of the farm’s historic structures.  Now the egg-cooler building houses the cheese parlor, where cheeses are handmade in small batches and aged. The hay barn hosts a summer farmers market, and the 1940s granary serves as the farm stand and tasting room. The farm’s historic charm, its commitment to local, sustainable food production and its outstanding artisanal cheese have made it a community hub and a popular tourist attraction.