The Darwin Martin House

Buffalo, New York

Award Type: Honor Award


The Darwin Martin House is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie-era masterpiece. Thanks to the work of the Martin House Restoration Corporation, this architectural gem was saved though a 20-year restoration and is once again open to the public.

Frank Lloyd Wright kept the site plan for the Darwin Martin House Complex pinned to his drawing table for close to 50 years, but his Prairie Style-era masterpiece would have been lost without the leadership of the Martin House Restoration Corporation. When the restoration began 20 years ago, the house was down on its luck: abandoned for decades, partially demolished, and a neglected eyesore in a city beset by hard times.

With a wide range of public and private partners, the corporation oversaw a painstaking restoration that returned the complex to its former glory. Existing structures were stabilized and restored, three demolished buildings were reconstructed, and an award-winning visitor’s center was added next to the site. The result is a world-class cultural attraction that draws thousands of visitors from around the world each year.