2013 Richard H. Driehuaus National Preservation Awards

Special Awards

Louise du Pont Crowninshield Award

Richard Moe

Richard Moe
Washington, D.C.

As the seventh president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Richard Moe’s legacy is far-reaching and lasting. Under Moe’s leadership, the National Trust advanced the public’s understanding of how our lands, cities, towns, neighborhoods, and buildings are vessels for our national memory and identity. With Moe at the helm, the preservation movement’s focus shifted from simply saving historic buildings to instilling a preservation ethic across America. Click here to read more about Richard Moe. 

Alison KingAmerican Express Aspire Award: Recognizing Emerging Leaders in Preservation

Alison King
Phoenix, Arizona

Alison King is the founder of the Modern Phoenix Neighborhood Network and the award-winning website modernphoenix.net. Her work to research and document Midcentury Modern buildings across Phoenix has created a local movement of like-minded modern enthusiasts. King’s work researching Phoenix’s architectural treasures has helped her to become a leader of a new generation of preservationists. Click here to read more about Alison King. 

National Trust/Advisory Council on Historic Preservation Award for Federal Partnerships in Historic Preservation

Presidio Public Health Service District
San Francisco, California

Through a continuous public/private partnership, the Presidio Trust and Forest City Residential rehabilitated and adaptively used the Presidio Health Service district to create a sustainable mixed-use community within a unique national park.  Click here to read more about the Presidio Public Health Service District.

Peter H. Brink Award for Individual Achievement in Historic Preservation

Don Worth
Miami, Florida

Don Worth’s tireless efforts over the past year have taken Miami Marine Stadium from almost certain demolition and put the stadium on the path back to being a vibrant entertainment venue and community icon.  Click here to read more about Don Worth.

The Tony Goldman Award

The Maritime
New Orleans, Louisiana

The 1893 Maritime apartment building, New Orleans’ first skyscraper, underwent a $36.5 million renovation that helped to revitalize the neighborhood. This mixed-use building now contains ground-floor commercial space, second-floor office space, and 105 apartments on the upper floors. Click here to read more about the Maritime.

National Trust/HUD Secretary's Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation

Riverside Plaza
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The $65 million restoration of Riverside Plaza renovated more than 1,300 units of affordable housing near downtown Minneapolis. It has set the bar for rehabilitating large-scale 1970s developments while showcasing how preservation can re-energize an entire community. Click here to read more about Riverside Plaza. 

Trustees’ Emeritus Award for Excellence in the Stewardship of Historic Sites

Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm
Los Ranchos de Alburquerque, New Mexico

Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Farm’s mission is to cultivate a conservation ethic by preserving their agricultural fields, gardens, art, and architecture through sustainable practices. A wide variety of creative  programming combined with the built and natural beauty of the property makes this one of the most impressive historic properties in the Southwest. Click here to read more about Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Farm.

Trustees’ Award for Organizational Excellence

Cleveland Restoration Society
Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Restoration Society (CRS) is Northeast Ohio’s most respected voice for heritage conservation. CRS has saved countless historic sites across the region, and it’s well-known for it’s Heritage Home Program, Sacred Landmarks Assistance and Preservation Services, and the renowned magazine Façade. Click here to read more about Cleveland Restoration Society. 

National Preservation Honor Awards

Boyle Hotel
Los Angeles, California

The rehabilitation of the 1889 Boyle Hotel created affordable housing and a cultural center for the Boyle Heights community. Click here to read more about the Boyle Hotel.

Kelly Cullen Community
San Francisco, California

The 1909 Central YMCA Building was restored and now provides supportive housing for 174 of the city’s chronically homeless and supportive services for the entire Tenderloin neighborhood. Click here to read more about the Kelly Cullen Community.

Indiana Landmarks Center
Indianapolis, Indiana

An 1891 church was restored and rehabilitated to serve as the headquarters for Indiana Landmarks and as a thriving cultural center that has reinvigorated the community. Click here to read more about Indiana Landmarks Center. 

Warren Cultural Center
Greenfield, Iowa

The restoration of three historic buildings located on the town square helped spur on a cultural renaissance in Greenfield. Click here to read more about the Warren Cultural Center.

African Meeting House
Boston, Massachusetts

The 1806 African Meeting House was restored to its mid-19th century appearance to ensure its continued use as a community meeting place, while honoring the building's rich history. Click here to read more about the African Meeting House. 

NSO Bell Building
Detroit, Michigan

The redevelopment of the 1929 Michigan Yellow Pages Building provides a new beginning for this historic building and the 155 formerly homeless individuals that now call it home. Click here to read more about the NSO Bell Building. 

St. Louis Public Library, Central Library
St. Louis, Missouri

The two-year, $70 million restoration of the 1912 Central Library provided much needed upgrades and has helped inject new life into downtown St. Louis. Click here to read more about the St. Louis Public Library, Central Library.

St. Augustine Mission
Isleta, New Mexico

The restoration of the 1613 St. Augustine Mission re-established the church as the spiritual and architectural anchor of Isleta’s revitalized historic Native American Plaza. Click here to read more about the St. Augustine Mission. 

Fort Sam Houston
Fort Sam Houston, Texas

The 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Act allowed Fort Sam Houston to renovate, rehabilitate and adaptively use a variety of buildings in four historic neighborhoods on the base. Click here to read more about Fort Sam Houston.

Ogden High School
Ogden, Utah

The 70-year-old Ogden High School was restored to meet the 21stcentury needs of its students, while preserving its historic character. Click here to read more about Ogden High School.