Indiana Landmarks Center

Indianapolis, Indiana

Built in 1891, Central Avenue Methodist Church graced its neighborhood with its nine towers and unusual domes, and enjoyed a large worship community for decades. But by 1999, the dwindled congregation could not maintain the 650-seat Romanesque Revival church, its 1900 Sunday school wing, or its 1922 school building. The surrounding Old Northside historic district was despairing -- until 2009, when Indiana Landmarks began exploring how it could adapt the church as its headquarters. Thanks in part to the generosity of the Cook family, Indiana Landmarks was able to complete a $19 million dollar restoration to convert the church into a cultural center.  Today, the facility holds two theaters, a reception hall, meeting rooms, an art gallery, catering kitchens, and Indiana Landmarks’ offices. The building reopened in 2012, and thanks to these amenities, it was able to welcome over 40,000 people while turning a profit! This dramatic building is once again a place for people to meet and celebrate -- just in new and creative ways.