National Preservation Honor Awards

The National Preservation Honor Awards recognize the efforts of individuals, nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and corporations whose skill and determination have given new life to their communities through preservation. These efforts include citizen attempts to save and maintain important landmarks, as well as architects, craftspeople, and developers whose exemplary work restores the richness of the past.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is particularly interested in nominations that:

  • Showcase historic preservation as a strategy to renew the viability of diverse older neighborhoods
  • Revitalize the livability of older communities
  • Protect historic resources on America’s public lands
  • Meet community needs through the rehabilitation and active use of individual landmarks
  • Demonstrate that older buildings are excellent examples of “green” and sustainable construction
  • Demonstrate that historic preservation supports economic, environmental and cultural sustainability in communities
  • Broaden the ethnic and cultural diversity of historic preservation
  • Use innovative, replicable strategies that create new models for historic site interpretation, stewardship, and/or reuse
  • Involve properties that benefited from the Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program, which promotes historic preservation and community revitalization by encouraging private investment in historic building rehabilitation

National Preservation Honor Award nominees are judged for the success they have achieved in the preservation, rehabilitation, restoration, and interpretation of our architectural and cultural heritage.

The general evaluation criteria include the following:

  • Impact of the nominee’s project or effort on the community, including economic impact
  • Quality and degree of difficulty of the nominee’s project or effort
  • Degree to which the nominee’s project or effort is unusual or pioneering, or serves as an example that influences others