The National Trust/HUD Secretary’s Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation

This award recognizes organizations and agencies for their success in advancing the goals of historic preservation while providing affordable housing and/or expanded economic opportunities, particularly for low- and moderate-income families and individuals.

The award jury is particularly interested in nominations that:

  • Showcase historic preservation as a strategy to renew the viability of diverse older neighborhoods
  • Revitalize the livability of older communities
  • Protect historic resources on America’s public lands
  • Meet community needs through the rehabilitation and active use of individual landmarks
  • Demonstrate that older buildings are excellent examples of “green” and sustainable construction
  • Demonstrate that historic preservation supports economic, environmental and cultural sustainability in communities
  • Broaden the ethnic and cultural diversity of historic preservation
  • Use innovative, replicable strategies that create new models for historic site interpretation, stewardship, and/or reuse
  • Involve properties that benefited from the Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program, which promotes historic preservation and community revitalization by encouraging private investment in historic building rehabilitation

In addition to the general evaluation criteria outlined under the National Preservation Honor Awards category (listed above), the following criteria should be addressed when nominating a project for a National Trust/HUD Award:

  • Does the nominated project or activity provide for the adaptive use of historic structures and districts for affordable housing and/or economic development opportunities for low- and moderate-income residents?
  • Is the project or activity in an area that is part of a locally developed, overall community revitalization effort or part of a community revitalization plan?
  • Describe the financial structure and any creative elements, including all sources of funding.
  • What is the project’s income range target, if any?

Although HUD funding or other HUD participation in nominated projects is not required, the nomination should clearly state what role, if any, HUD played in the nominated project or activity.

To review descriptions of previous award-winning projects, go to Projects are listed under Secretary’s Awards.

Note: All nominations received for the HUD award category that are not selected will be considered in the judging for the National Preservation Honor Awards, unless the nominator requests otherwise by checking the appropriate box on the nomination form. All other award nominations submitted for special category awards will only be considered in that category.