Call for Ideas, Proposals and Submissions for Future Conferences

button ad 180x150The process for submitting session ideas, field study proposals and affiliate events is open for future conferences.  Deadlines have passed for the 2014 PastForward conference in Savannah, Ga., Nov 11-14. If you missed the deadline or were unable to participate in the Savannah event, submit your idea for a future conference and be a part of the premier educational and networking event for those who care about saving places

Call for Ideas

Have an opinion on what you think hot topics are for preservation? Heard an inspiring speaker you think would resonate with the audience at the National Preservation Conference? Have a suggestion on what people need and want to hear in Savannah? Now is your chance to tell us! 

We want to hear your ideas for shaping the seminar-style and classroom programming. Unlike years past where we did a call for session proposals, which required you to be responsible for content and delivery from start to finish, a call for ideas encourages you to submit your thoughts, and we will work with you to potentially bring them to life for the conference.  

The process for submitting an idea is quick and easy.  Simply fill out our form.

Call for for Field Study Proposals

Are you or your organization involved in top-notch preservation work in Savannah? Is there a cutting edge strategy that you employ to revitalize your community? Can preservationists from around the country learn from your experiences, and would you like the opportunity to hear their perspectives?

Showcase your historic project, topic or site, and share your successes, challenges and lessons with attendees. Demonstrate the strategies you’ve implemented to save buildings and local history so attendees can incorporate into their efforts in their communities.

What is a Field Study?

  • A first-hand look at local preservation projects, taking attendees into the community or region (can be up to 90 miles outside of Savannah)
  • The local area’s most significant places, such as a single building, downtown retail corridor,  historic neighborhood,  rural landscape, series of bridges, historic rail or road corridor, park,  culturally significant place,  series of homes or buildings by the same architect, etc.

Submit your Field Study Proposal.

Call for Affiliate Event Submissions

Affiliate Events include gatherings such as networking sessions, dinners, luncheons, receptions, board meetings, and the like.  These may take place in an official conference property or off-site. All details are arranged by the Affiliate Session Manager with input from the National Trust. Your affiliate event will appear on the conference website, in the Final Program and may appear in additional promotional emails.

To have your affiliate event included in our conference proceedings, please click here

For more information on submitting a session idea, Field Study proposal, and an Affiliate Event submission please visit contact the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference staff at 202-588-6100 or e-mail