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Explore Savannah

This is the third time that the National Preservation Conference will be in Savannah (1968 and 1998) … and for good reason – Savannah has a strong commitment to historic preservation. historic districtCombine that with a vibrant cultural and art scene, traditional and eclectic restaurants, and good ol’ fashioned southern charm, Savannah is not only a great destination for PastForward, but a city worth spending a bit more time in! For more information on how to spend your time in Savannah, check out

Run Savannah

Calling all runners. The Savannah Rock 'n' Roll Marathon race series takes place the Saturday before PastForward (November 8). A contingent of National Trust for run2Historic Preservation employees is planning to take part in the marathon, half marathon or two-person half marathon relay as an unofficial "PastForward Running Team." While this is NOT part of the official National Preservation Conference programming, PastForward running shirts will be available for sale for those interested in being a PastForward runner. Any PastForward runner can use the coupon code HISTORICPRES from Apr. 1-Nov. 2 for $10 off race registration. If you are interested in participating with the PastForward runners, please fill out this form to receive updates.

Visit the Savannah Rock 'n' Roll Marathon website for race details and registration (registration for the race will NOT be part of conference registration). The race is just an example of how you can extend your Savannah visit … and show off your finisher's medal to other attendees during the conference!

Welcome from PastForward Savannah Partners 

"Friends, Partners and Fellow Preservationists!  Welcome to the Hostess City! If you were here in 1968 or 1998, we’re glad you’re back.  If this is your first visit to Savannah, I bet it won’t be your last.  There’s something about this place.  And we’re honored to share it with you.  Savannah is a great American city.  I say that because it was built by great Americans – like Tomochichi, a Native American and chief of the Yamacraw Indians;  African-Americans, including many enslaved Africans, who made the Savannah Gray bricks and were the masons for many of the beautiful buildings we have today; and passionate preservationists like the Seven Ladies who saved the Davenport House and started Historic Savannah Foundation in 1955. The Savannah we enjoy today was built (and saved) literally and figuratively on the backs of these people.  And the best way I know to thank them and honor them is for you to enjoy and learn from this City – make what they did here mean something in your community." ~ Daniel Carey, President and CEO, Historic Savannah Foundation

"Welcome, fellow leaders, learners, and lovers of preservation to the 2014 National Preservation Conference! SCAD is elated to host you for four days of ideation and exchange in the heart of Savannah’s National Historic Landmark District. I sincerely thank the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Historic Savannah Foundation, and all of the volunteers and supporters whose work we gather to celebrate in November during this joyous occasion. As preservationists in the 21st century, you parse the text of history writ by fingers of time in edifices of stone, brick, and timber. By contemplating and conserving artifacts of the built environment, you expertly extrapolate the zeitgeist of bygone eras for the benefit of future generations. Thanks to your profession, the places where people of the past assembled to live, learn, worship, frolic, and exchange are accessible to contemporary audiences, who share the same needs, loves, and aspirations.  At SCAD, we are privileged to live and learn in spaces SCAD has revitalized during the past 35 years. The university is grateful to have our commitment to preservation recognized by the American Institute of Architects, the Congress for New Urbanism, UNESCO, the Historic Savannah Foundation, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. And now, we are honored to join you in advancing historic preservation and adding to our collective body of knowledge. Together, we will cultivate new champions and advocates of this most noble profession, historic preservation. Let us view the golden spires of the future from the vantage of the past." ~ Paula Wallace, President and Cofounder, SCAD 

Savannah Highlights

From the picturesque squares and parks to the numerous historic sites and vibrant cultural scene, there’s so much to do and see in Savannah. Below are just a few favorites from locals:

  • Davenport House – Where preservation began in Savannah (while there, stop by Historic Savannah Foundation across the street and say hello!)
  • Cluskey Embankment Stores Archaeology Project, adjacent to City Hall
  • SCAD Art Museum – Showcasing work by a range of highly acclaimed professional artists, inspiring and challenging students across disciplines to push the boundaries of their creative practice
  • Shopping along Broughton Street or in the "Design District"
  • The Savannah Bee Company – a unique shop all about honey, featuring honey tastings and owned by a former Historic Savannah Foundation president
  • Tybee Lighthouse – A short drive east of Savannah provides you with a chance to dip your toes in the Atlantic Ocean