Preservation Leadership Training

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The new Preservation Leadership Training (PLT)® training series provides cutting-edge information and training for preservation leaders. Its three distinct formats – Capstone, Intensive, and Targeted – are designed to deliver timely, relevant, challenging, comprehensive, and impactful learning experiences. Sign up for our mailing list below


PLT®: Capstone Experience is a place-based training in which participants are immersed in an experiential preservation project. Preservation skill development is guided by the needs of the project.  Participants are selected in a competitive application process that includes preservation skill and knowledge prerequisites.  The capstone experience results in a project report and presentation to the community partner and stakeholders.

PLT®: Targeted focuses on a specific homogeneous audience that may include a range of preservation experience and knowledge.  The content and learning objectives are determined by audience needs. There is a strong interactive, networking component. This training type may be delivered in a blended platform (a mix of online and onsite training activities).

PLT®: Intensive focuses on specific, high-level, challenging content areas for a heterogeneous audience.  Due to the challenging nature of the content, prerequisites will be in place to ensure that audience members can benefit from the content.  This training type lends itself to an e-learning format.

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