Philanthropic Giving

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Historic Places Lost Today are Lost Forever

Generous individual, foundation, and corporate donors advance our work to save historic places in communities nationwide. Learn More»

People Saving Places

People across the country value historic preservation as a philanthropic priority. Learn more »

Turner Family Thumb Former Trustee and Advisor Sue Turner and her children made supporting the National Trust a family tradition.

Foundation & Corporate

Foundation and corporate grants preserve and sustain America's communities and heritage. Learn more »

Charles Evans Hughes Preservationists nationwide have benefited from the steadfast support provided by the Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation.

Creating a Lasting Legacy

Planning today to protect America's heritage can guarantee a tomorrow for our most treasured historic places. Learn more »

Kay Tornborg  Kay Tornborg created a lasting legacy when she donated her home through the Gifts of Heritage Program. Her planned gift will ultimately endow the Los Angeles Preservation Fund.

Donors Make a Difference

So many of our donors also give their time and energy to save the historic places and communities that matter to them.

Partners in Preservation

American Express is committed to preserving the world’s most precious and significant landmarks, and the history that accompanies them. Through the $5.5 million Partners in Preservation program and our powerful partnership with the National Trust, we have restored amazing historic places across the country, engaged and inspired local communities, and helped ensure that future generations will have opportunities to experience the history and beauty of the past.” — Timothy J. McClimon, President, American Express Foundation