Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation

A steadfast supporter of the preservation movement

Preservationists nationwide have benefited from the steadfast support provided to the National Trust by The Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation. Established to honor the late Chief Justice of the United States and Governor of New York, this innovative grant-maker views preservation as a means of achieving its goals in the fields of education, the environment, arts and culture, and legal and human rights.

For more than a decade, the foundation has supported our Center for Preservation Leadership, strengthening educational programs for preservation professionals and awarding seed grants to promising local projects ranging from enabling students to undertake an ambitious Preservation Week public-awareness campaign in Georgia to supporting a workshop to determine how to preserve a 1940s-era uranium-enrichment facility in Tennessee. Recognizing preservation's role in wise environmental stewardship, the foundation's trustees also recently awarded a grant in support of the Preservation Green Lab, a key component of the National Trust's Sustainability Program. This year the foundation has provided key support to advance our work to further the preservation and rehabilitation of the historic Rosenwald Schools; schools that were constructed by and for African Americans in the early 20th century.     

An enduring tribute to its revered namesake, this foundation gives people the expertise and resources they need to preserve their heritage, protect their environment, and shape sustainable communities for future generations.