Kay Tornborg

Endowing the Los Angeles County Preservation Fund through her gift of real estate is a fitting tribute to a remarkable local preservation leader

For more than two decades, Kay Tornborg has been a vigorous advocate for historic places in Los Angeles, California.  In addition to restoring her two-story 1908 Craftsman bungalow in Hollywood, Kay also provided strong volunteer leadership to Hollywood Heritage as this dedicated local group worked to preserve the surrounding fabric of her historic neighborhood and made significant contributions to the Hollywood Boulevard Historic, Commercial and Entertainment District. 

Thanks in part to Kay's boundless energy and enthusiasm, the unique character of this dynamic community will be preserved for generations to come.  As Kay looked to the future, she also wanted to ensure that her meticulously restored home would be protected, and to achieve this, she turned to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Using our unique Gifts of Heritage program, Kay has generously decided to donate her beloved home through her estate.  The National Trust will place easements on the property to protect its historic integrity in perpetuity and find a preservation-minded buyer who will cherish the home as much as Kay. The proceeds from this dedicated preservationist's planned gift will ultimately endow a dedicated Los Angeles County Preservation Fund. 

Recently established as a countywide pass-through grant program, this fund is already providing local nonprofit organizations with the seed grants they need to protect and preserve local resources that are important to them.  Kay reached out to the National Trust in this way because it would serve two important goals – protecting her home and significantly advancing the cause of historic preservation in the place she calls home.