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The National Trust for Historic Preservation works to save America’s historic places for the next generation. We take direct, on-the-ground action when historic buildings and sites are threatened. We advocate with governments to save America’s heritage. We help the nation’s 15 million local preservationists take action, creating more vibrant, sustainable communities in the process. We strive to create a cultural legacy as diverse as the nation itself.

From Our Partners

"As a company committed to Historic Preservation for many years, we are honored to partner with an organization like the National Trust for Historic Preservation whose mission is to save America’s historic places. Through our multiple initiatives, including Partners in Preservation, together we have rallied communities from coast to coast to save places that matter to them."
Timothy J McClimon – President, American Express Foundation

Open Someday

open somedayPreservation means more than saving the biggest and best. It means valuing the sense of place given by our small towns and big cities and maintaining those experiences for future generations. Watch this video to learn more about what we mean when we say, historic resources are the heart of our communities.

Reaching Out

Field GuideOur programs and partnerships are aimed at reaching the 15 million local preservationists across the country looking to have a deeper relationship with history, culture, and americana. This Field Guide to Local Preservationists explains the research and development behind our target audience.