The American Queen Steamboat Company

American Queen Credit: Bart Kramer

American Queen Steamboat CompanyExperience the heartland of America as never before. 

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is excited to welcome the American Queen Steamboat Company as proud sponsor of America’s National Treasures campaign. Beginning June 30, the AQSC will make a $5 donation for every tour booked upon one of their cruises, (the American Queen Steamboat or the American Empress) and challenge their passengers to join them in supporting historic preservation by matching that donation.

The AQSC will also offer passengers the opportunity to learn more about the National Trust’s National Treasure sites located along the Mississippi River and in the northwestern United States with special attention to preservation concepts and techniques, as well as the work of architects, historians and other professionals in the field of historic preservation.

“We are proud to partner with the American Queen Steamboat Company and help bring America’s National Treasures to life,” said Stephanie Meeks, president of the National Trust. “These places along our great waterways represent the diversity of our nation’s built history and remind all of us of the importance of preserving the irreplaceable places that tell America’s stories.”

Through the partnership with the National Trust, AQSC will become a contributing sponsor for four of the National Trust’s National Treasures:

  • Mississippi Delta Heritage Area
  • Manhattan Project Historic Sites in Washington state
  • Willamette Falls Navigation Canal and Locks in Oregon
  • Fourth site to be named at a later date

Those interested in furthering the work of the National Trust for Historic Preservation while experiencing the history, heritage and culture of America’s heartland while on a river cruise aboard the country’s largest, can find out more information by calling 1.800.944.6847 or make a donation now.