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Tourism Cares for Angel Island
Written by Bruce Beckham On June 4, more than 300 volunteers, professionals from the travel and tourism industry, will gather on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay to give some much needed TLC to this historic California State Park, a priority project of Save America's Treasures.  Tourism Cares for America (TCFA) is a volunteer program

In California, "Fantastic" State Parks News Doesn't Hold Up to Scrutiny
Written by Anthony Veerkamp Last week, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a press release concerning the fate of California’s state parks. Judging by most of the media coverage that ensued, you’d think that parks advocates had scored a major victory. Alas, what the Governor called “fantastic news for all Californians" turns out on closer reading to

Final, Signed California Budget has Additional State Park Cuts
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed his state's budget yesterday afternoon -- one that includes $6 million more in cuts to state parks than was expected just last week. According to our partners at the Save Our State Parks coalition, this brings "the total General Fund cut for this budget year to $14.2M. It is expected

California's "Big 5" Propose Saving Some Park Funding, but the Battle is Not Yet Won
Written by Anthony Veerkamp Last night, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the leadership of the State Senate and Assembly (collectively known as the “Big 5”) announced that they had reached a deal on the state budget. While the budget deal is not yet available in print, several sources have confirmed that the agreement to erase

One of 220: National Trust Historic Site Included on List of Proposed Park Closures in California
From ghost towns and lighthouses to expanses of fragile desert and those infamous redwoods, California’s 1.4-million-acre parks system boasts more than 280 miles of coastline, 625 miles of lake and river frontage, 15,000 campsites, and 3,000 miles of hike and bike trails...for now. If you've watched the news lately, you know that times are tough