Help Protect the Brooklyn Bridge

Important Update: Tower Near Brooklyn Bridge Approved

Despite many objections from national and local historic preservation advocates, a developer has gained permission to build a seventeen-story residential tower that will obstruct views of New York's fabled Brooklyn Bridge.

City Council members voted 40-9 to approve a building plan submitted by Brooklyn-based Two Trees Management Co. Construction will begin in about a year, and is expected be completed by 2012.

Critics of the project say it's an insult to the bridge, completed in 1883.

Background Information

In June 2009, a development company in Brooklyn gained significant ground in their effort to build a seventeen-story residential tower right next to the Brooklyn Bridge when the City Council's Land Use Committee voted to approve the project.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation advocated against the inappropriate siting, scale and design of the Dock Street proposal throughout the city's land use review process. In 2007, the National Trust placed Brooklyn's Industrial Waterfront Heritage on its annual list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. New York has made great progress since then in safeguarding Brooklyn's waterfront neighborhoods and landmarks, this threat to the Brooklyn Bridge is particularly grave and distressing. 

We were joined in our advocacy effort by local preservation organizations and neighborhood groups. David McCullough, renowned historian and author of "The Great Bridge: the Epic Story of the Building of the Brooklyn Bridge," and a Trustee Emeritus of the National Trust, has prominently led opposition to the Dock Street proposal. 

"Dignity and grandeur are rare in the modern cityscape." McCullough said. "And rare, too, is the prestige of history. And when all of that is present in one majestic, emblematic work, as it is so supremely in the Brooklyn Bridge, nothing should be permitted to diminish and compromise the effect."