Advocacy in Progress

Past Actions


Fort Monroe

Fort Monroe in Hampton, Va., is vastly important to American history, having witnessed both the beginnings of slavery in America and the first emancipation of slaves nearly 250 years later. In an essential show of public interest, more than 5,300 National Trust supporters urged President Obama to protect Fort Monroe. On November 1, 2011, their efforts were rewarded with President Obama’s declaration of Fort Monroe as a national monument. Now the work of planning its future is under way. Visit for more on what lies ahead for Fort Monroe, “Freedom’s Fortress.”

Federal Transportation Reauthorization

Though it may not be widely realized, federal transportation funding has enabled vital historic preservation protections and programs that safeguard our historic places and improve our quality of life. During the last transportation reauthorization process, dedicated preservation advocates helped defeat language that would have undermined important preservation protections in the environmental review process, including Section 4(f) of the Transportation Act.

However, work to maintain historic preservation in transportation policy is far from over. Given the short 27-month authorization of the new measure, we must be ready to act to ensure Section 4(f) and other preservation programs survive the next reauthorization.

Moving forward, a critical priority for the National Trust will be to work with our national, state, and local preservationists to illustrate how Section 4(f) has improved transportation planning, promoted economic development, and protected historic resources of great significance to local communities.


Chimney Rock

In September 2012, President Barack Obama designated Chimney Rock as a National Monument. This designation is the result of a coordinated effort led by the National Trust and supported by its allies and advocates like you to protect this special place.

Located on 4,726-acres of the San Juan National Forest, Chimney Rock is of great spiritual significance to over twenty Pueblos and other tribes of the Southwest. The site had been threatened with insufficient protection and inadequate financial resources. Now, thanks to the national monument designation, Chimney Rock is permanently protected for the benefit of current and future generations.

Wilderness Battlefield

Wilderness, Va. was the location of one of the most important battles of the Civil War; however, that didn’t stop Walmart from proposing to build a Supercenter within the battlefield’s boundaries. The National Trust joined national, state, and local allies in protesting the plan. In January 2011, preservationists were rewarded for their hard work and persistence: Walmart agreed to work with the community to identity an alternative site.