WinMock at Kinderton, Davie County, N.C.

Win-Mock Dairy Barn in rural Davie County, North Carolina used historic tax credits to enable the $3.4 million rehabilitation of a National Register-listed dairy barn into unforgettable event space.

Named for its location, nine miles west of Winston-Salem and nine miles east of Mocksville, WinMock at Kinderton exists on the estate built by S. Clay Williams, a former president of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.

During its prime, Win-Mock Farms was one of the largest dairies in North Carolina with one of the biggest and best herds of Red Poll cattle in the country. After the passing of Mr. Williams, the Bahnson family purchased the property, operating 850 acres of the Win-Mock Farm and preserving its history until the late 1990s when it was sold as part of a commercial development package.

As stated on the WinMock at Kinderston website:

It was a chance visit that brought a fresh perspective for this quiet icon, left vacant for more than a decade. In late 2007, the owner of Sterling Events Group was looking for a place to move his growing offices and was by chance introduced to Win-Mock in all of her dusty, quiet glory.

"I visited it almost as a novelty at first. I had seen the barn for years and was curious to see what it looked like inside" said Wayne Thomas, president of Sterling Events Group. "From the moment I walked in I was hooked. When I climbed upstairs into the remarkable hayloft space I was blown away, completely sold. I just knew we had to transform the space."

For Thomas, a new passion was instantly found in repurposing the structure into a place that the community could enjoy and share.

Building off of more than 20 years in the special events industry, Thomas knew the space could make the perfect event facility if carefully redesigned. For the next two years Thomas and his wife, Paula worked with brokers, developers, architects, plus local, state and federal government agents to create a restoration plan for the old barn as well as a business plan that made sense for operation of the new venue.

In June, 2011, the stunning renovated barn, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, officially opened for business as a distinctive event facility with a fresh look and a familiar name, WinMock at Kinderton.

"We continue to uncover the history of WinMock through the personal stories shared within our community and we look forward to sharing wonderful new memories through our guests’ weddings, corporate functions and celebratory events in the years to come. We are honored to join the WinMock legacy."

WinMock at Kinderton, as it is now known, opened in June, 2011 and features a stunning, spacious loft ballroom, multiple breakout meeting rooms, two private dining rooms, an executive boardroom and two outdoor terraces.