People Saving Places

Economic Development

Gloria Rodriquez

Want proof that historic rehabilitation projects produce more jobs than new construction? Look no further than Dr. Gloria Rodriquez's project in San Antonio. Cattleman Square has not only given an important non-profit a home in the community it serves, but created or retained 170 construction jobs and 37 permanent jobs while generating an estimated $265,520 in local and state tax revenue. Read More » 


Bob Brueck

When it comes to bringing a historic downtown district back to life, there is definitely no shortage of tips and strategies. However, for Burlington, Iowa's Bob Brueck, the solution was clear: creating unique living options in mixed-used projects. And today, he and those he has inspired are well on their way to returning their Main Street to its former glory. Read More »  


Public Lands


To the people of the ancient Pueblo of Acoma in western New Mexico, nearby Mount Taylor is so much more than just a mountain; it is both an explanation for and a sustaining force in life. So what happens to this land and the people deeply connected to it when the industrial trucks come and the uranium drill pads are erected? Theresa Pasqual, director of Acoma Pueblo's Historic Preservation Office, explains. Read More » 


Bob McIntosh

Harriet Tubman is one of the most celebrated icons in our history, and the many historic places that tell her story are as geographically diverse as she was multidimensional. For years, Bob McIntosh of the National Park Service has, along with his peers, been pounding the pavement to determine the best way to recognize her many accomplishments. Read More » 


LouAnn Jacobson

Land managers like LouAnn Jacobson of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument go to work each morning with the task of preserving our country's irreplaceable cultural resources. But what happens when funding limitations keep them from knowing exactly what they are protecting? See how Jacobson is leading by example in her ongoing quest for full resource surveying. Read More » 


Stewardship & Funding

New Strattan & Beckerman

Noël Strattan and Ira Beckerman are two archaeologists whose mission to change the way Pennsylvania catalogues its historic and cultural resources has evolved into an innovative national model for Section 106 done right. Read More » 




Arlyne Reichert

She's known as the "Bridge Lady" on the streets of her hometown and in the country's leading circles of preservationists and historians. Read how Arlyne Reichert's love for the Historic 10th Street Bridge in Great Falls, Montana, has not only made her famous, but evolved into a model case study about the intersection of preservation and transportation policy. Read More » 


Joe Morris

As director of city planning for Salisbury, North Carolina, Joe Morris knows how transportation enhancements can spark the transformation of an entire neighborhood. From a historic train depot to a newly refurbished entertainment district, Morris has used federal transportation grants to enhance the quality of life for Salisbury’s 30,000 residents. Read More » 


Rose Rohr

Adaptive reuse definitely comes with its fair share of challenges, but what happens when the project calls for refurbishing and then airlifting a century-old bridge to a new home that is some 15 miles upstream from its original location? If it sounds impossible, you haven't been to Hale, Iowa, or heard Rose Rohr's story. Read More » 




Mayor Buol

What happens when federal policies encourage cities to invest in their existing infrastructure and improve the efficiency of their historic building stock? Imagine 17 downtown blocks of abandoned or misused industrial warehouses transforming into a livable, walkable neighborhood that is green friendly and mixed use. If it sounds unfathomable, you've never met Dubuque, Iowa Mayor Roy D. Buol. Read More » 


John Greer

Schools build a community's character and bring daily life and activity to its streets. So then, why are so many of them being built on the outskirts of town? For John Greer, that wasn't an option when he decided to turn a historic newspaper plant into a K-12 charter school in Downtown Little Rock, proving that incentives that encourage adaptive reuse are not only good for the environment, but good for our neighborhoods. Read More » 


Jonathan Rose

Repair the fabric of existing communities while preserving the open space around them. That is Jonathan F. P. Rose's vision and the marching order of his New York-based green real estate development company, whose recent rehabilitation of Seattle's Joseph Vance Building is a example of what could become a national standard with the right federal policies and incentives. Read More »