This Place Matters

This Place Matters

Saving The Places That Matter

This Place Matters is a message that resonates with people all across the country. It's a shared property of the preservation movement -- a tool that can be used to advocate on behalf of historic places in your community, a way to gather and educate people about the importance of preservation, or a fun way to commemorate moments and continually celebrate the places that make a place special.

If you're a nonprofit group with a mission to save historic places or an individual looking to spread the word, feel free to use the This Place Matters message in your campaigns, conferences, or promotions by downloading our sign and snapping a photo of your favorite historic place. We also encourage you to upload the photo to our slideshow to join the thousands of other places people have already posted.

TPM is a trademarked property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and cannot be used by for-profit entities without our express permission. If you are a corporation looking to use the trademarked message, please contact us for more information.

Watch Our Flickr Slideshow

Our This Place Matters campaign started with just a few single photos of places that matter to a few individuals. Browse through the photos already uploaded and see the variety and passion of people all across the country, maybe even in your same hometown. Then share with us a photo of a place that matters to you. It’s simple; click here for instructions, or to download your own This Place Matters sign.