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You've heard the saying – "A picture is worth a thousand words."

We couldn't agree more, but in our "This Place Matters" campaign, we like to think that a picture plus three little words can help save a place for future generations.

Our campaign is simple (and fun): individuals download a sign (to the right), take a picture in front of a place that matters to them, and upload it for the world to see. Easy enough, right? However, through this project, thousands of people have started conversations in their communities – conversations about the past, the future, and how people can work together to define what really matters.

These are conversations that make a difference.

From the start of the campaign, we've been blown away by the responses we have received – the creativity, the passion, the commitment of our participants. We've had Photoshopped individuals standing on top of a Utah Theater, a student-painted "This Place Matters" mural in  Riverside, Illinois, and groups spelling out the slogan in individual letters while balancing in kayaks. Looking back, some of our most compelling submissions have been hand-scrawled signs held by children and multi-lingual signs celebrating our country's diverse heritage.

It's been a great run so far, which is why we're pleased to now offer versions of our sign in Spanish, French, Dutch, and Japanese. You can also download a blank sign that you can customize with your own language or special message.

Hopefully, we've got you inspired. Use the links to the right to download your sign and check out the following easy tips for taking great "This Place Matters" shots.


Kids (or pets) holding the sign usually creates a great “awwwww” moment. It's always good to make sure the person (and the sign) is in the foreground and the place – though in the background – is still clearly visible.

Group Shot

Group shots can be nice, and it’s always great to include folks who don’t look like the “usual suspects” when it comes to preservation. And don’t forget to smile!

Get Creative

Get creative! Sometimes the place is the sign. Just don't forget to pay attention to lighting when you're shooting.

Regardless of how you shoot your photo or which sign you end up using, every "This Place Matters" submission is important to us and the places they recognize. Have fun, and let's keep the conversation going!


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Submitted by carouselcowboy at: June 1, 2011
I am voting for Cahokia Mounds in This Place Matters - please make this easier to vote your choice next time. Thank you.

Submitted by Tomahawk Chapel clean up crew at: May 17, 2011
Built in 1836-7, this historic site in the town of Somers, NY was hidden by weeds and largely ignored until a crew of volunteers intervened last summer. Now cleared of overgrowth and being repainted, we're looking forward to having it listed on the National Register this year. YAY!!!!!!!

Submitted by triadteam at: May 13, 2011
The Garland Hotel in Bedford, Iowa--the historic cash register and restored stamped tin ceilings in the lobby

Submitted by Immanuel Lutheran Church at: May 13, 2011
submitting photos for This Place Matters

Submitted by ct at: April 13, 2011
At 6pm on May 10th, the Pierce County Preservation Commission will be visiting the McMillin Bridge with out "This Place Matters" signs. Chris, you are welcome to come and join us, get the word out! After our bridge visit we will hold our monthly meeting in Orting. For more info, contact Sean Gaffney, in Pierce County's planning office. (253-798-2724)

Submitted by National Trust at: March 28, 2011
chris, have you contacted your State Historic Preservation Office in Washington? Here's a link to their website for more info, Also, check out the Historic Bridge Foundation,, and Historic Bridges,

Submitted by chris at: March 14, 2011
McMillin Bridge in Washingtron state is a one of a kind, listed in the National Register and the state DOT wants to tear it down. Help save this bridge Check it out: ttp://

Submitted by Snoopy220 at: December 28, 2010
love historic buildings that share the history of our forebearers

Submitted by CrookstonKate at: June 15, 2010
I need to post our top ten endangeredhistoric buildings in Crookston, MN.