Charles Demuth House & Garden Museum

Visitor Information

120 East King St.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

Phone: (717) 299-9940

The Messencope house is a wonderful example of Lancaster's early Federal-style construction. The house later became the primary residence of the artist Charles Demuth (1883-1935), who lived there with his family from 1889 until his death. As a leader of the American Modernist movement, Demuth is best known as a pioneer of the Precisionist style and a master watercolorist. The Demuth Museum, founded in 1981, maintains the Demuth home and garden as a museum, with a permanent collection of over 27 Demuth works, as well as an extensive archive and library.  The Demuth Tobacco Shop, the oldest operating shop of its kind in America, and other historic buildings surround the museum; all are open to the public.