Elisabet Ney Museum

Visitor Information

304 East 44th St.
Austin, Texas 78751

Phone: (512) 458-2255
Website: http://www.elisabetneymuseum.org

In 1892, celebrated European sculptress Elisabet Ney (1833-1907) built this small neoclassical studio in the remote natural setting of Hyde Park, Austin, Texas. It was named "Formosa" from the Latin word, "Sursum" meaning to "uplift your heart." In this studio, Ney sculpted great men and women whose spirits are embodied in their portraits. Following Elisabet Ney's death in 1907, her friends preserved the studio and its contents as the Elisabet Ney Museum, dedicated to honoring the memory of the artist and to promoting her ideals and visions for the people of Texas. A national, state and local historic landmark, the studio is one of only five 19th-century sculptors' studios in the country open to the public. Venerated as one of the oldest museums in Texas, the Elisabet Ney Museum offers visitors a lovingly preserved glimpse into early Texas history and into the life of a creative and spirited woman who lived life passionately in her own inimitable way.