Manitoga: The Russel Wright Design Center

Visitor Information

584 Route 9D
Garrison, New York 10524

Phone: (845) 424-3812

Manitoga is the modern home, studio and 75-acre forest garden of pre-eminent American industrial designer Russel Wright (1904-1976). Developed between 1942 and 1976, Manitoga provides a comprehensive experience of Wright's enduring vision of the unity of nature and design. The House, called "Dragon Rock," sits on the ledge of an abandoned quarry, where Wright diverted a stream to create a 30-foot waterfall cascading into the quarry pond. Wright was a prolific designer of affordable objects for the home. His modernist designs for living influenced the lives of millions of 20th century Americans. Cornerstones of his creative philosophy include designing through experimentation with new materials, the combination of natural and synthetic materials, and the concept that good design is for everyone.  Manitoga is a National Historic Landmark.