Bimel Kehm

Bimel Kehm was born in Dayton, Ohio, in 1907. He studied at the University of Illinois, the Acad?mie Julian in Paris, France, and Yale University, where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree. Kehm went on to pursue successful careers in sculpture, painting, and architecture.

Kehm's post-World-War-II architectural designs were lauded for their thoughtful blend of Modern with traditional elements. In his residential work, he did not attempt to use revivalist styles in order imitate older homes, but was able to incorporate new technologies and ideas about space, while using traditional materials to give a sense of comfort and warmth. The incorporation of these ideals, as well as his attention to landscape features, is evident in the conversion of an old barn into his own living space and studio in New Canaan (1946, unknown if house is still extant); this house was featured in a 1947 article in House and Garden. In 1951, he moved into the newly built Kehm House (1951), which he also likely designed.

Bimel Kehm died in 1996.

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