Gates and Ford

Gates and Ford Architectural and Planning Associates was formed by the partnership of Frederick Taylor Gates and Russell Ford. Both Gates and Ford attended Phillips Exeter and Yale University before serving in the military during World War II; Gates served in the Navy while Ford served as a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. After World War II, they settled in New Canaan, Connecticut, and formed their architecture practice.

Gates and Ford Architectural and Planning Associates designed several Modern houses in New Canaan. One of the firm's notable buildings is the Melville House (1958), featured in the 1959 Modern House Tour. The firm was also commissioned to prepare the first comprehensive zoning plan for Newtown, Connecticut, in 1957.

In 1957, Gates left New Canaan to form a partnership with architect Robertson Ward, who had designed the first Modern house in New Canaan (Kirkbride House, 1937). Ward's firm specialized in tropical hotels and resorts and single-family residences and was based in the Bahamas.

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