Archer House

Architect unknown



Field survey was not conducted on this property.


The Archer House was constructed in 1963 by an unknown architect for Harry and Margaret Archer. A realtor listing from 1990 identifies the original builder or architect as someone named "Platts." Margaret A. Archer acquired the property in 1962 and the house was completed by July 1963. The original gable-roofed house had an L-shaped plan, two attached garages, and vertical wood siding. Adjacent to the house were a flagstone patio and an L-shaped wood deck set at an angle to the building.

In 1973, Alois A. and Genevieve Stauber acquired the property (transferred to Genevieve Stauber in 1986). In 1990, Peter M. and Sally J. Finnican purchased the house. The Finnicans undertook a major renovation to the house starting in 1990: the house was expanded in size, a second story was added, the garages were converted into living space, and the wood deck and flagstone patio were altered. In 1994, a new separate two-car garage was completed. A second addition connecting the house and garage was completed at some time after 1994.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.