Attwood House

Gates and Ford



BCA did not complete field survey for the Attwood House.


The Attwood House, designed by Gates and Ford Architectural and Planning Associates, was constructed in 1958 for William and Simone Attwood. William Attwood purchased the property in 1955 from his cousin Edwin Hoyt. The Attwoods chose architects Gates and Ford after seeing their sign on the street; Simone Attwood said she chose a Modern design because she ?didn?t like the other kind of houses? (Attwood, 2008). The house was constructed by builder Ernest Rau. According to the assessor records, the house was occupied by June 1958 even though it was not yet completed.

William Attwood was a prominent figure in magazine publishing. He served as foreign correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune and the UN bureau. By 1968, he was editor-in-chief of Look Magazine after working as the European editor of the publication from 1957-61. In 1970, Attwood became president and publisher of Newsday and was one of the first journalists to visit China after it became a Communist country. He also worked on the staff of President John Kennedy's presidential campaign and served as the U.S. Ambassador to Guinea and Kenya. Simone Cadgene Attwood worked as a real estate broker starting in 1968 and established her own firm, Real Estate Services of New Canaan, with two other brokers in 1978.

The Attwood House has undergone some alterations. In 1960, a ?sun shade porch? with a trellis roof was added to the house. In 1967, architect Victor Christ-Janer designed alterations to the property: the incorporated carport was enclosed and converted to a family room and a bedroom was added. A new separate one-car garage was also constructed. In 1968, a swimming pool was constructed at the rear of the house. According to a 2008 realtor listing, Thermopane windows were installed in 1984 and the roofs were replaced in 1986 and 1995. In 1996, the original lot was subdivided, reducing the property in size from 5.855 acres to 3.094 acres, necessitating construction of a new driveway.

William Attwood died in 1989. The house is still held in the Attwood family. At the time of the survey, the property was for sale.

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