Brandon House

Victor Christ-Janer



Field survey was not conducted on the Brandon House.


The Brandon House was constructed in 1977. Architect Victor Christ-Janer designed the house to incorporate a mid-nineteenth structure already on the site. This house, which the assessor dates to 1846, was a two-story, 28'6"x46' structure that may have originally been a barn. It was remodeled in 1928. By the mid-twentieth century, it had living quarters at one end and a two-car garage on the first floor at the opposite end. In 1959, a carport was added to the house and the garage was converted to living space.

In 1973, the house was purchased by Arthur Brandon. Permits for additions and alterations to the structure were filed in 1975 and 1977. It appears that Christ-Janer removed the carport and converted the existing house into a two-story family room with exposed beams and rafters, nicknamed the "barn room." The new house was designed to encompass the original structure. In 1987, the house was acquired by Robert C. Koloday. A swimming pool was added to the property in 1988. The property was sold to John A. and Mary C. Griffin in 1998.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.