Docters House

Architect unknown



Field survey was not conducted on this house.


The Docters House was completed in 1957. The architect is unknown, but according to a 1966 realtor listing for the house, it was constructed by builders Blitz & Price. It appears that Gerard J.G. Docters was the first resident of the house. In 1956, the property was purchased by Rocky Brook Corp. and transferred by quitclaim to Parting Brook Homes, Inc., suggesting that the house was built by developers as a speculative house. In 1957, Raymond J. Kautz et. al. acquired the property (no purchase price is listed). In 1958, Docters purchased the property. The one-story, L-shaped house had an incorporated garage at one end.

In 1964, Norman E. Pennels et. al. acquired the house. In 1966, James F. Sirmons purchased the house. In 1977, Richard H. Ference became the owner. In 1984, Robert and Francine A.T. Schechter purchased the property. The Schechters had a 34'x18' addition containing a bedroom and bathroom constructed in 1988 to the designs of architect Chris Moomaw.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.