Fine House

Laszlo Papp



Field survey was not conducted on this house.


The Fine House was designed by Laszlo Papp for William M. Fine. Fine was the publisher of Harper's Bazaar and Town & Country magazines. According to Papp, Fine asked him to design a house that would resemble a remodeled barn (Papp, "Fine/Flaschen House," n.d.). The builder was Andrew Pirro of Norwalk. William M. Fine et. al. acquired the property in 1964. The house and swimming pool were completed around 1965. The original two-story and one-story house had an L-shaped plan with a large terrace. A two-car garage with living space above was attached to the house. The Fine House had a concrete block foundation, a gable roof, and was clad in vertical board siding and brick veneer. In 1975, a 10'x6' poolhouse was completed.

In 1978, Joyce D. Flaschen acquired the property and lived there with her husband Stewart. Flaschen hired Laszlo Papp to design a kitchen addition and new vestibule for the house, completed in 1980. Andrew Pirro was the contractor on the addition work as well. The addition had a greenhouse barrel roof. In 1990, the property was transferred to the Joyce D. Flaschen Revocable Investment Trust. In 2002, Craig R. Kingsley acquired the property. A building permit for an addition was filed in 2003 and completed in 2004; it is unknown what this work entailed, but it may have included the extension of the fieldstone patio.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.