Fiore House

Architect unknown



Field survey was not conducted on this property.


The Fiore House was completed between 1960 and 1961. The architect is unknown. Lorenzo J. Fiore et. al. acquired the property in 1960. The house had a rectangular plan with roof overhangs at either end. In 1964, a two-car garage was constructed adjacent to the house, creating an L-shaped plan. Some unspecified interior alterations were also completed at this time.

In 1974, John and Sheila Owen-Smith acquired the property. In 1978, a swimming pool was completed. Between 1980 and 1981, an addition was constructed at the rear containing a guest bedroom and bath and a sewing/laundry room. It appears that the roof overhangs may have been altered or eliminated at this time. In 1990, PHH Homeequity Corporation acquired the property. In 1991, Cornell D. Cornish, Jr. and Marie A. Cornish purchased the house. In 1998, Giovanni and Girolamo Soro acquired the house.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.