Jones House

Architect unknown



Field survey was not conducted on this house.


The Jones House was designed by an unknown architect for Henry S. and Virginia Jones. The Joneses acquired the property in 1955. According to the assessor records, although a tool shed for the builders had been erected in 1956 and plans had been filed, no work started through 1958. It appears that construction finally began in 1960 and was completed by 1962. The original house had an L-shaped plan and included an attached garage. Two bedrooms and a bathroom were added in 1963, altering the plan to a C-shaped plan with an open courtyard between the original building and addition. A wood deck set at a diagonal to the building was also completed by 1963, but may have been part of the original construction. Sometime between the late 1970s and 1982, the garage was converted to a family room. A wood deck was also added to the open courtyard sometime between 1963 and 1982.

R. Munger purchased the property from Henry and Virginia Jones in 1970. Stuart D. Watson and Sarah and Sperry A. DeCew purchased the property in 1976. The DeCews became sole owners in 1979, then sold the house to Donald J. and Joan E. Carroll. James J. Farrell, Trustee, acquired the property in 1985 which passed to Andrew J. Ross in 1987 by a quitclaim, then Don H. Jones purchased it that same year. After a foreclosure on the house in 1981, John L. and Alice Mitchell acquired it in 1992. In 2000, Daniel J. and Kelly A. DeFrancesco purchased the house. The current owner, Frank Ramppen, acquired the property in 2006. At some point after 1988, the angled deck was reduced in size by half and extended slightly across the front of the house.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.