Kirkpatrick House

Architect unknown



Field survey was not conducted on this house.


The Kirkpatrick House was built in 1959 for William T. Kirkpatrick and his wife. The New Canaan Historical Society archives identify this house as the "Pederson House," designed by architect William Pedersen and built by Ted Hobbs, but the assessor records show no evidence that a Pederson (or Pedersen) ever owned the property and further research is required to determine if Pedersen designed the house.

William T. Kirkpatrick acquired the property in 1957 from Dino Olivetti. According to the assessor property street card, construction on the one-story house had begun by March 1959. The house had a 25'x67' rectangular plan with a 10'x64' patio along one facade. A flat-roofed carport with a dirt floor was attached to one corner of the house.

In 1976, the house was acquired by Bruce S. and Elizabeth A. Beresford. During that same year, the carport was enclosed and enlarged as living space, and a new two-car garage was constructed and connected to the house by a new fieldstone patio.

In 1993, Michael A.F. and Cynthia B. Roberts purchased the house. Between 1993 and 1994, the Roberts enlarged the former carport addition, constructed a new addition on the site of the 1976 fieldstone patio, and altered the garage. In 1996, the assessor notes that alterations to the "garden and laundry room" were completed. Between 1996 and the present, another addition was constructed adjacent to the garage and a wood deck and small patio were added on to the house.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.