Sasanoff House

Architect unknown



Field survey was not conducted on this house.


The Sasanoff House was constructed in 1955 by an unknown architect and builder. The property was acquired by Michael Sasanoff et. ux. in 1954 from New England Homes. According to the assessor property street cards, the house had a cinder block foundation, clapboard siding, and a wood-shingled hipped roof. In plan, the house was rectangular with a wing off the front surrounded by a wood deck at the main level and a carport at the basement level; a second wood deck off the side; and a screened-in porch at the rear. The assessor property street cards describe the house as having a "master bedroom - raised 4 steps from LR and open to living room with garage underneath."

Ownership of the house during the 1960s is unknown since the assessor property cards from the 1960s are currently undergoing conservation. In 1978, Hannelore M. Ross acquired the property. In 1980, Dennis B. Ross became the owner of the property through a quitclaim, and it was transferred to Dennis B. and Whitney B. Ross in 1988 through another quitclaim. In 1997, the house underwent some alterations: the wood deck at the side of the house was reduced in size, the screened-in porch was removed, and a large addition was constructed at the rear of the house. In 2006, Robert G. Doctors acquired the property.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.