Whitlow House

Allan Gelbin



The Whitlow House is built on a grassy, sloping, three-acre site with a small pond and views of the Five Mile River. It is a two-story house with Wrightian design influences, including a clear emphasis on horizontality and intersecting planes--expressed by the intersections of the house's multiple flat roofs with the fa?ades and chimney--ribbon windows, and use of natural materials. The flat roofs cantilever beyond the fa?ades to form deep eaves. The exterior walls are clad with painted clapboard and vertical wood siding.


In 1966, Robert S. Whitlow commissioned architect Allan Gelbin to design a house for his family. Construction on the house was completed in 1969. The Whitlows occupied the house until 1985, when the property was transferred to Jerry Davidoff. A year later, the property was sold to Lawrence and Barbara Kessler, who still own the property. The Kesslers built a small, one-story bedroom addition at the side of the house in 1987 and enclosed the original tractor shed to serve as a garage or enclosed storage space at an unknown date.

Aside from the bedroom addition and the alterations to the tractor shed, the house retains high integrity.

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 2009.