Find a Rosenwald School

The most comprehensive listing of Rosenwald Schools can be found in the Rosenwald Fund records located at Fisk University. Part of these records, a collection of card files, contain over 5,000 photographs accompanied by statistical information about Rosenwald Schools. Each entry varies, but may include:

  • Historic and current name of the school
  • Location (state and county)
  • Year of Rosenwald Fund grant
  • Number of teachers
  • Grant application number
  • Total cost
  • Amount contributed by Negroes, whites, the public, and the Rosenwald Fund
  • Photographs of the school, an earlier structure replaced by a new school, shops, teacher's home, people
  • Descriptive notes

These school cards have been digitized by Fisk University's Franklin Library and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. A searchable database is available through Fisk University's website. While this is the most complete list of Rosenwald Schools, it is not exhaustive.

Note: This is a primary source record. Inaccuracies or inconsistencies are part of the historical record and may be found in this source. Occasionally a school record is not found in the cards. Cross-referencing with other portions of the Rosenwald Fund records at Fisk University; state and county department of education records located in your own state; and oral history sources, topographical maps, and other sources is highly recommended.