Asian / Pacific Historic Thematic District

San Diego, California

Period of significance: 1870s

Located along Third Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego are seven structures that date from the 1870s and later including: Chinese Mission, Ying-On Merchants and Labor Benevolent Association, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (see Five Views), and Sun Caf?. The Chinese Quarter housed laundries, restaurants, produce centers, stores, dwellings, and gambling houses. One of the early occupations was fishing. The Japanese Quarter had restaurants, barber shops, pool halls, and boarding houses. A Japanese Congregational Mission was built to serve the Japanese fishermen who settled in San Diego from 1908 until 1941. The Japanese never returned in any significant numbers to San Diego. In 1903 Filipino immigrants arrived. Many were or had been in the U.S. Navy.