E.L. Blumenschein Home and Museum

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PO Drawer CCC,
Taos, New Mexico

Also known as the Kit Carson Historic Museums.
Period of significance: 1919 - 1958

Ernest Blumenschein arrived by accident in Taos in 1898, with his friend and traveling companion Bert G. Phillips. Both young artists were so taken by the combination of intense light and physical beauty of Taos that they decided to stay and become involved with the Taos Society of Artists (1915-1927). The E. L. Blumenschein Home and Museum, a 13 room adobe, is filled with a superb collection of Blumenschein family art, a representative sampling of works by other famous Taos artists, fine European and Spanish Colonial style antiques, and the family's lifetime of personal possessions. The site's priority needs include a master plan, protection of artifacts on display, conservation of textiles, accessibility and grounds development. This site is associated with E.L. Blumenschein.

Mission: We believe that the historic sites of northern New Mexico provide windows on time for the exploration of regional events and individual lives. To that purpose, Kit Carson Historic Museums maintains a research library, collects, preserves, restores, and interprets artifacts and structures for the enjoyment and education of scholars and the general public.

Open to the public.