Burchfield Homestead Museum

Visitor Information

867 East 4th Street
Salem, Ohio 44460

Phone: (330) 337-9578
Website: http://www.burchfieldhomestead.com/

Named "Best U.S. watercolorist" by Time Magazine in 1956 and "artist to America" by President Lyndon Johnson, Charles E. Burchfield (1893-1967) created more than half of his paintings at the Homestead, where he lived from age 5 to 28. Many examples of Burchfield's work, based on the surrounding town of Salem, Ohio and views from the windows of this house, are on display at the Burchfield Homestead Museum. Each summer Burchfield's back yard flower garden, described in detail in his 1913 journal, is re-created by museum volunteers. 

Museum is open Sundays (May-September) 1:00-4:00pm. All other days call (330) 332-8601 at least one week in advance of visit.