The Via Flaminia

April 13-22, 2015


Led throughout by an Expert Scholar, this tour will take you on a journey from the great marble monuments of Rome, over the Apennine Mountains, to the glittering gold mosaics and churches of Ravenna. We follow the great Roman road – the Via Flaminia – journeying through 2000 years of Italian history exploring imperial villas, charming Medieval hill towns and soaring Renaissance basilicas. A unique and fascinating view of Italian history and culture taking in both world-famous monuments and the lesser-known sites that only an expert can reveal.

Study Leader Information

Professor Tony King is a lecturer in archaeology at the University of Winchester and a specialist in Roman archaeology. He has excavated extensively in Britain and abroad, including at Pompeii, Leptis Magna and Volubilis, and his interests spread across Roman Britain, Gaul and Italy.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Meet at Rome Airport for group transfer to our hotel in the heart of the ancient city.

Day 2
Visit the Roman Forum, Palatine and Colosseum

Day 3
We will see the Capitoline Hill, Campo dei Fiori, the Piazza Navona/Stadium of Domitian, the Ara Pacis of Augustus and the Column of Marcus Aurelius.

Day 4
A morning visit to Tivoli to see the sprawling villa of Emperor Hadrian.  Along the Via Flaminia to the Roman municipium ofOtricoli, then past Narni, an ancient Oscan city, to Spoleto.

Day 5
Visit Spoleto, ancient Spoletum, and in the Dark Ages the seat of a powerful Lombard Duchy. Traveling onwards we briefly visit Assisi.

Day 6
A day in the hilltop town of Perugia, ancient Etruscan ally of Rome, ultimately destroyed by Augustus.

Day 7
Travel over the ‘Mountains of the Moon’ to the Adriatic coast. Gubbio for the important Iguvine bronze tablets, recording priestly ceremonies, a rare survival of the pre-Roman Umbrian language. Ducal stronghold of Urbino, model Renaissance city with its fine National Gallery of paintings.

Day 8
Journey’s end as we reach Ravenna, the last capital of Roman Italy and Byzantine foothold in the West before becoming part of the Papal States.Church of San Vitale, with its mosaics depicting the Imperial court, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and the Ostrogothic Church of San Apollinare Nuovo. Church of San Apollinare in Classe.

Day 9
Our second day in Ravenna takes in the rival Neonian and Arian baptisteries, built for the Catholic and Arian Christian communities under the Gothic Kings, the Cathedral and the 5th century AD Church of San Giovanni Evangelista. Glimpse of domestic life in lateantique Ravenna by visiting the excavated Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra.

Day 10
Morning visit to the Palace of King Theoderic and the Tomb of the poet Dante. We conclude our tour with a visit to the Church of San Apollinare Nuovo, with glorious mosaics. Transfer to Bologna airport for flights

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