What is Preservation?

What is Preservation titlecard

What exactly is historic preservation?

It’s much more than saving old buildings! Historic preservation champions and protects places that tell the stories of our past.

It enhances our sense of community and brings us closer together: saving the places where we take our children to school, buy our groceries, and stop for coffee – preserving the stories of ancient cultures found in landmarks and landscapes we visit – protecting the memories of people, places, and events honored in our national monuments.

Historic preservation is also about getting involved in saving these monuments, landscapes, and neighborhoods. It doesn’t have to be complicated – it can be fun! For example, have you ever...

  • Taken a house museum tour?
  • Shopped in local stores on a Main Street?
  • Volunteered at a historic site or community event?
  • Stopped to appreciate great architecture?
  • Detoured from the highway to follow the historic site markers?

If you have, then you've been part of preservation.

There are many ways you can get involved in historic preservation and save places that matter in your life. The important part is that you recognize the places that are meaningful to you, and to our nation’s heritage, and that they deserve to be around for future generations. That’s what preservation is all about.

Explore our site, and see how the National Trust for Historic Preservation can help you save America’s historic places.

Together we are protecting America's heritage for future generations.